Äffi by Marco Goecke

After the suspension of activities in compliance with the anti covid protocols, our studios came back to life thanks to a special project. In the year of the Company’s 25th anniversary, the creation SPELLBOUND 25, signed by creators  Mauro Astolfi, Marcos Morau and Marco Goecke, initially scheduled for a summer debut will be presented at the MilanoOltre Festival on October 10th. Four choreographies will compose this new production, including the famous solo by the acclaimed choreographer Marco Goecke, re-staged for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet by Giovanni Di Palma, in these days in studio with dancer Mario La Terza, who has been with the Company for almost ten years and appointed interpreter of the piece.

“Äffi”, one of Marco Goecke’s most internationally successful creations, was included in the repertoire of the Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam in 2006, and was performed by Tadayoshi Kokeguchi in 2006 in Istanbul and in 2008 in New York. Although Arman Zazyan, Damiano Pettenella, William Moore, David Moore, Robert Robinson, Mischa van Leuven and – until now the only woman – Katja Wünsche have studied the solo, the most memorable performance is that of the phenomenal Marijn Rademaker, protagonist of the premiere, which in 2006 earned him the prestigious German theatre prize “Der Faust” (“The Fist”) as “Best Dance Performer”, awarded for the first time that year. Spellbound Contemporary Ballet is the only Italian dance company to have this creation in its current repertoire.


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