We like to imagine a message that can shift one’s point of view. Outside. Or rather, beyond the usual pre-established framework which calls for artistic forms pigeonholed into separate segments and which views spaces and locations as bearers of just one potential form of cultural content. 

Keeping dance at the centre, with a distinct focus on a programme full of specialised workshops and performances which also embrace the fresh, new creativity of young people, Dance Out was founded to connect the fascination evoked by dance with other expressive forms of contemporary artistic culture, creating dialogue between them. We hope to create a magnifying glass onto a broader understanding of creativity, experienced as a push towards a meeting not just of artists, dancers, choreographers, digital artists, and musicians, but also (and especially) those who view their time as a potential creative experience, men and women who try to understand and interpret the world and life through personal artistic experiences.

In some way, dance will be the common denominator, the bridge connecting the numerous shores of creativity brought by guest artists who will enliven the halls of the DAF and the Lanificio for four days. A programme of themed meetings, lessons, choreography workshops, performances and shows, concerts, installations and exhibitions will make each environment at once a stage, museum, exhibition space and, perhaps most of all, a place for exchange and learning.

Dance Out opens its doors to a new journey to let you discover a new vision for – and be inspired by – different aspects of study, imagination, curiosity and choreography, starting with movement, along with food, music and the figurative arts to arrive at creations and connections whose link can be none other than contemporaneity, seen from up close – looking at each other closely.

Associazione Culturale Spell Bound

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