Dancing Partners is back

Dancing Partners, a network project launched in 2013 to promote contemporary dance by a team of established artists of different nationalities, is back. Conceived as an itinerant initiative, DP makes stops in each of the countries involved in which, following a temporary residency at the headquarters of the host company, are scheduled performances, workshops, meetings and debates with the public itself and with the students approached during the project’s training activities. DP thus has not only the aim of promoting the work of the artists involved, but also has strong roots in the territories involved with training activities for the sector as well as the public.

Since 2018, the project has launched a new creative investigation process aimed at co-creation programmes among the four groups, already experimented following two residencies in Sweden and Spain respectively, a model that it proposes to export to other geographies as well, thus drawing on the different artistic influences of the different local identities in approaching creation. The partners are Thomas Noone Dance (Spain), Company Chameleon (England) and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Italy). From 2021 in the Italian tour the DP project welcomes the collective Frantics, an ensemble strongly characterised by the artistic vocation to compose for different audiences and for different formats as the nature of DP supports.

Associazione Culturale Spell Bound

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