We, us and other games



Choreography and direction Dunja Jocic 

Performers Anita Bonavida, Lorenzo Capozzi, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita, Alessandro Piergentili, Miriam Raffone, Martina Staltari

Original music Renger Koning 

Actor Milutin Dapcevic 

Lighting design Marco Policastro

Dramaturgy Nikola Zavisic

Original text Barbi Markovic 

Costumes Anna Coluccia

Text translation Mascha Dabic


A Spellbound production in co-production with Birds Productions, Bolzano danza and with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.


For the first time, Serbian-Dutch choreographer Dunja Jocic signs a commissioned evening work for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, with whom she previously collaborated in 2016 for the project “La Mode” directed by Tomoko Mukayiama.

Premiered at Bolzano Danza , which is its co-producer, “We, us and other games” offers a reflection on interpersonal relationships in the digital age through the experience of play. As Alessandro Baricco writes in his famous essay “The Game” virtual games are a kind of Trojan horse of truth and experimentation of our relationship with others.

Jocic seems to argue the same thesis in this creation: in the virtuality of the third millennium, new social hierarchies and relational planes emerge, and a crasis occurs between those who remain anchored in their reality – a father who goes in search of his daughter – and those who flee into virtual worlds, which are, moreover, increasingly brutal.

We, Us and other games” is a dance performance but also a theatrical experience that raises questions about interpersonal relationships in a virtual space, virtual property and social hierarchies.


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