February events

Mauro Astolfi‘s latest creation for Spellbound debuts: The Art of Fugue inspired by one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s most enigmatic works.

Art of the Fugue is a work without a definitive arrangement as it was never finished by the composer. Hans-Eberhard Dentler theorised that the work was written by Bach in order to visualise Pythagorean philosophical principles: the term ‘fugue’ could in fact be interpreted as ‘flight’, understood as much in reference to musical phrases as to the soul’s ascent towards God. It is precisely the suggestion of flight that guides the performance in a reinterpretation of Bach’s absolute genius. Flying elsewhere if necessary and desirable.

The creation is realised with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and co-produced by Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza and Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena, and will be staged as a national premiere on 25th of February at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza at 20:45 at the opening of the Rassegna Danza in Rete.





The tour continues at the Teatro Masini in Faenza, where on 28th of February the company will stage a success from recent years, Rossini Ouvertures, within the season of the Centro di Produzione Teatrale Accademia Perduta Romagna Teatri.



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