Choreography Mauro Astolfi

Performers  Spellbound Contemporary Ballet 

Costumes  Mario Laterza

Musics AAVV

Pre Premiere  Teatro India, 24th July 2019, Roma- Festival Fuori Programma 

A Spellbound production with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in collaboration with Fuori Programma Festival.  


Zak presents himself as a man of the future, a man finally free from all the bites and consequences of the past, a past that can no longer touch him, can not hurt him…

with his shirt in his hands explains that for him removing the experiences of the past has become as easy as drying sweat with that shirt.

He says that he will soon share this experience, this performance with his friends … but he corrects immediately … explains that perhaps he does not care about the present, he does not like the word experience, as he already knew in the past, he thinks he loves and wants to live only in the future. 


“FUTURE MAN is a type of man always projected on something that could happen, a man who could induce tenderness with his apparent firmness, with his idea of control, the man who lives thinking that, managing the present with detachment and rejecting the past, will certainly have an optimal moment and better in the future.

FUTURE MAN discovers that the past is always there, chains it in the mind, blocks it in a chair to settle his things in a frantic search for an order of external things.

A man who doesn’t deepen, who celebrates the ordinary for fear of the future where he thinks he wants to live.”

Mauro Astolfi

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