L’arte della fuga (Art of fugue)



Choreography Mauro Astolfi
Performers Lorenzo Capozzi, Alessandro Piergentili, Miriam Raffone, Maria Cossu, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita, Anita Bonavida, Martina Staltari
Choreography assistant Alessandra Chirulli
Music J.S.Bach
Original music Davidson Jaconello
Lighting design Marco Policastro
Costume Anna Coluccia
Scenography Scenario

A Spellbound production with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture co-production Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza and Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena.


The art of Fugue is one of the most emblematic and enigmatic works of Johann Sebastian Bach. A masterpiece full of fascinating characteristics: if, on the one hand it is a work without a definite structure in as much as it was never completed by the composer, on the other hand this sense of uncertainty is also due to the absence of indications for which instruments should be used to perform the work.

Hans-Eberhard Dentler suggested that The Art of Fugue was written by Bach to visualize graphic philosophical principles: the word “fugue” could itself be interpreted to mean ‘flight’, understood both in reference to the musical phrases as well as the ascension of the soul to God.

“A Fugue is accomplished to perfection if nobody is aware of it. If, instead of fleeing from something or somebody. I mix anonomously with others, I dress like them, I use their language. In order not to be discovered there is nothing better than changing my habits, always finding a wall where I can hide and always meeting there somebody else who is escaping from something….

The fugue may mask the full accomplishment of a desire or perhaps the only way possible to escape from a world that embarasses me.
My fugue in fact is an antifugue, it gives a prospective. It is my need to look at life from a different viewpoint. It is important to escape now and again, it helps me to light up some dark “area”, but it is not necessary in order to put something aside or forget…. the sensation of what I am in fact will stay in my mind forever, even when the flight is over. I escaped to be kind to myself…. Now I can return to be with others. They have also felt the desire to go away and disappear from the world. They are people.”

Mauro Astolfi


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