L’arte della fuga (Art of fugue)



Choreography Mauro Astolfi
Performers Lorenzo Capozzi, Alessandro Piergentili, Miriam Raffone, Maria Cossu, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita, Anita Bonavida, Martina Staltari
Choreography assistant Alessandra Chirulli
Music J.S.Bach
Original music Davidson Jaconello
Lighting design Marco Policastro
Costume Anna Coluccia
Scenography Realisation Scenario

A Spellbound production with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture co-production Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza and Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena.


Art of Fugue is one of the most emblematic and enigmatic works by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a masterpiece that presents many fascinating characteristics: if, on the one hand, it is a work without a definitive arrangement as it was never finished by the composer, on the other hand, this sense of indeterminateness is also given by the absence of any indication of a specific instrumental ensemble to perform the work.
Hans-Eberhard Dentler theorised that the Art of Fugue was written by Bach to visualise Pythagorean philosophical principles: the very word ‘fugue’ could be interpreted as ‘flight’, understood as much in terms of musical phrases as of the soul’s ascent to God. Precisely the suggestion of flight, to fly elsewhere if necessary and desirable, is among the suggestions that guide me in a rereading of Bach’s absolute genius. The enigma, the incompleteness of the Art of Fugue, the possible analogies with contemporary life, are the starting point to try to approach with this creation with Spellbound CB the thought of Aristotle who, in his Poetics, noted that the principle of the enigma is precisely to connect the obvious with the impossible. Between the obvious and the impossible can emerge many of the paths we decide to take during our lives. Art of Fugue in this case is a method, perhaps a resource for finding an ever-changing solution, a kind of alchemy of a purely physical and spiritual kind, aimed at a frantic search for the meanings of actions and thoughts, as if reality found concreteness not in the facts, but in the escape route one chose for oneself.


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