(Italiano) Magic Shadows

The dance of shadows will charm and move you


Choreography: Adam Battelstein

Direction: Adam Battelstein

Music: A. Vivaldi, H. Arlen, M. Norton and others.

Italian production: Bags Entertainment – Spellbound

In response to the high demand, Magic Shadows, the show by the Catapult Company that intrigued both audiences young and old in the previous season, is now back in Italy. The Catapult company was created in 2008 by Adam Battelstein, who had worked for nineteen years as a dancer, choreographer, and creative director of Pilobolus Dance Theater. 

The aim of the group is to give a new life to the ancient art of Chinese Shadow through the expression of the human body. Catapult is composed by formidable dancers able to surprise the audience by transforming their bodies into almost impossible shapes such as a helicopter, a castle, a flower or a penguin in a world of magic.

The performance will carry the children away into a far away land, surrounded by dreams and fantasies, that will also bring back the element of surprise to those that had lost it a long time ago.

Magic Shadows takes part in several creations alongside Spellbound as the house of production. This collaboration was set in a wide range of special projects aimed at sharing the experience and knowhow for new works involving other artistic cast and enlarged activities and networks.


Tour 2016 

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