MARTE by Marcos Morau

Choreography Marcos Morau in collaboration with the dancers

Choreography Assistant Lorena Nogal Navarro

Performers  Lorenzo Capozzi, Riccardo Ciarpella, Linda Cordero, Maria Cossu, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita, Caterina Politi, Aurora Stretti

Lighting design  Marco Policastro

Costumes Anna Coluccia

Music Various Artists


Despite being 37years old, Marcos Morau thinks about everything he has left behind and everything that he can never be again. Today he remembers the moment where everything was possible, that moment where fulfillment and failure are reached in all its splendor and everything is lived as if the world were going to collide tomorrow.

Marte is, in addition to the God of war, passion, sexuality, perfection, and beauty and gives title to the new work of the creator based in Barcelona for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet. 

Marte represents that empty and hostile planet waiting to be colonized by a group of young people. in a kind of celebration in 21st century Europe, with all the strength of its youth and desire as its driving force. A place where nobody wants to be left behind and the future is seen as a confusing maze full of resignations, disappointments and new conflicts, and where the only war that is fought is the one that confronts them with a world that advances so fast that they cannot continue.

Pleasure, desire and tension are the central elements of this piece. A conflict between the individual and the collective, between the present and an uncertain future, between organic matter and technology, where a new conception of abstract form is revealed.

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