Orbita | Focus on MK

Orbita’s season continues in different Roman areas and in partnership with many city realities. September offers a Focus On dedicated to the author Michele Di Stefano and the MK project in the relationship between two creative projects, three urban spaces and a Festival.

The mixing of corpography and verbal language is the core of Sfera , Mk’s new creation, an assemblage of bodies that seek a possible common understanding starting with the use of the word, captured both in its linguistic power and in its concreteness as a physical phenomenon. 

Sfera debuts on 15th and 16th of September at Teatro India in a cross-over between city realities that focus on dance and performance. The company led by Michele Di Stefano is at the center of a focus realized by Orbita | Spellbound – National Dance Production House, in collaboration with Short Theatre 2022 and Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, which includes the artistic residency that will precede Sfera‘s debut and the presentation of Eden, a performance for one spectator at a time, which arrives at Teatro Palladium as part of Orbita’s season (16th and 17th of September).

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