The profitable artistic collaboration between Spellbound Contemporary Ballet and the choreographer Marcos Morau continues in che current season: after the success of the creation MARTE that the Spanish artist has conceived within the project SPELLBOUND 25, the author is engaged in the creation of a site specific project for the summer 2021, a piece enriched by the participation of two performers of La Veronal.

This is how SIMULACRO was born, a special project conceived for the Parco Alessandrino in Rome and co-produced in collaboration with Fuori Programma Festival, which hosts its premiere.


Special outdoor project by Marcos Morau

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet & La Veronal

Direction and choreography Marcos Morau

Performers Mario Laterza, Lorenzo Capozzi, Linda Cordero, Lorena Nogal,  Sau-Ching Wong

A co-production by Spellbound (IT) & Fuori Programma Festival with the contribution of  MIC in collaboration with  La Veronal ( ES)


Only a small number of people are able to imagine reality- Goethe

Watching and doing are perhaps the two most essential actions in theatre. If we realize that reality exists in opposition to fantasy. In Simulacrum instead one begins from the perspective that looking and acting belong together, that the apparent truth and the apparent fiction blend together and that the borders between the representative action and the external eye dissolve and unite, thereby creating a new landscape.

Here the observers and the observed are placed in the same corner and reality and fiction fall and complete one another, giving way to a new reality.

In this project Marcos Morau and Spellbound attempt to engage the audience so as to create a concerted scenic mechanism, where interpreters and audience mingle together in a unique entity, a work which allows the spectators the necessary space to complete the experience using their own background and their own universe of imagination. It is a unique and radical experience that responds to the new times we are living as a society.

Physical distancing influences the present and Simulacrum aims to give answers to many gaps and voids that our world is creating at this time of pandemic.

This new project focuses on the value of imagination and of collusion where perceived experience and a new way of conceiving a performance are of vital importance.

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