Small crime

Renouncing pride creates miracles



A Spellbound production with the contribution by the Ministry of Culture and Turism, world premiere A.P.A.P. conference New York/January 2015, City Center


choreography Mauro Astolfi

music Jonny Greenwood, Nils Frahm

performers Maria Cossu, Giovanni La Rocca


Direction’s Notes

“Small Crime” it happens by chance, unfortunately it often needs to be masked by interest… it happens every time you seek, with any amount of force, to enter a person’s life…stubbornly attempting to get their attention.

The second small crime, the one which often permanently ruins our lives, is a direct consequence of the first… which happens when a person who has been rejected at one point in their life, seeks revenge, ignoring and refusing to recognise the same person who was at the center of their thoughts.

In some cases, renouncing pride… creates miracles.



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