TDI/ The Dance Industry

The Dance Industry has established an ideal combination between the experience and the knowledge of professionals in the field of performing arts for more than 20 years. Crossing training and production levels, TDI aims at creating synergies within the European scene through a deep process of internationalization. It combines the dimensions of training as well as production, defining itself as a veritable cultural and creative industry housing projects, productions, and keeping its attention on the artistic and professional growth of the individual. This artistic industry first appeared in different forms, now sharing a common identity and works as a crossroad of projects and activities both home and abroad. Over the years, the artistic approach has been part of a collective thinking geared towards contemporary cultural production. 


TDI is composed of DAF (Dance Arts faculty), Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, and European Dance Alliance. Set in this way, TDI continues to bridge training and professional careers in the artistic field within the scope of fostering a pluralistic vision and a European dialectic. Combining both a high level of stability and the mobility of ideas as well as professionals, TDI keeps updating and growing, and works as an open space for the latest artistic expressional forms.

Associazione Culturale Spell Bound

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