The Hesitation Day

A Spellbound production with the subsidy of the Ministry of The Heritage and Culture in cooperation with The Egg Albany/NY.


World premiere October 23, 2015-The Egg/Albany, NY



Choreography: Mauro Astolfi

Dancers : Fabio Cavallo, Jayson Syrette, Mario Laterza, Giovanni La Rocca

Music: Norn, Amon Tobin

Lighting Design : Marco Policastro

Length 13’


Directions’ notes

Hesitation day is that day in which action, thinking and judgment are temporarily suspended.

A precious moment in which we take a fresh start, we try to remember what we want to accomplish in this world.

In its etymological sense, “hesitate” also means to carry something towards a destination…

The dual and apparently, opposite meaning of the word has been the inspiration of this work… sometimes, despite our inability to decide, our inputs disperse and somehow, someone will receive them in a way or another.

Someone will understand us. To most of the people, we will remain unreadable and hard to follow, to those who will be able to only perceive through this work a permanent movement and not just what starts and ends the action.

Mauro Astolfi

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