The real you

The real you


Choreographer Mauro Astolfi

Performers Anita Bonavida, Lorenzo Capozzi, Maria Cossu, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita, Alessandro Piergentili, Miriam Raffone , Martina Staltari

Music by Andrea Buttafuoco

Light Design by Marco Policastro

Costumes by Anna Coluccia


A Spellbound production supported by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with Dap Festival, Fuori Programma Festival and Civitanova Danza Festival. 

National preview June 30th Dap Festival , July 5th Fuori Programma Festival

Premiere July 28th Civitanova Danza Festival




The real you is the construction of a space in which one can find an essential value, an immortal ideal reality.  What can we put ahead of everything in our life to find out what we are or what we are not? Is it established that we exist as a scientific outcome universally accepted or maybe we can find an identity beyond the model constructed by those who have already planned our life?

We study the community in which we live and we know better, trying not to get old surrounded by a multitude of theoretical perspectives. Deep inside, we look for the will to elude the rules establishing the way in which we should interpret our social life. We work hard to find our own order and our favourite conflict. 


“Have you found out what you are? You are the house, the property, the bank account, the furniture, the carpet, the ideas, the quarrels, the pleasures, the despairs, the agony of one’s own life, the contradictions, the revolt, the discontent, the lawn for something beautiful to happen. A life so lonely, isolated in which there is no relationship at all, in which there is no love, no beauty, no vastness, no space. That’s what you are, and you want that to go on, and probably when you want to go on you will go on if you think it’s worth it. And what is immortality, then? Then what is innocence? Can the mind that goes on in the routine, in weariness, in despair, in loneliness, with all the misery and confusion, can such a mind be innocent? Can such a mind be immortal? To die everyday to everything – and we mean to everything, to every pleasure, to every pain, to all the bitterness and cynicism – to die  freely, happily to the past everyday which means never to accumulate. And the mind which is free, such a mind then is aware.”

From a Krishnamurti public speech in Amsterdam on May 5th, 1969. 

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