Choreography and direction Mauro Astolfi

Performers Maria Cossu, Giuliana Mele

Music AAVV

Duration 7′


A Spellbound production with the contribution of MIC


Trust is a short story about two women who really do not know how to behave in relation with each other. A momentary attempt at agreement, it is based on the idea of mutual trust as a means of getting to know each other a little more quickly. A game intertwined by different characters, but with a subtle need to understand what the other is thinking, how she might be around you, how you might live next to her.


Trust is a duet childlike, mature, adolescent but self-conscious, a (short) tale, a suggestion about some decisions that sometimes have to be made quickly and can change the course of life. You vibrate together, in unison you hide in each other, you protect each other …moving forward you become friends, in the end you discover that you can trust.

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