The activities of the Company take place in the Daf Dance Arts faculty studios on the site of “Lanificio” (a former woolen mill) in Rome, a revolutionary establishment with a progressive character, ideally suited for dance studios and other forms of artistic expression. There, the activities of Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, alongside those of DAF opened an international dialectic enriched by several artists from education and production’s fields in the contemporary performing arts.

Through an osmotic dynamic between production and space, the creation is clearly identifiable to a specific place; the resident Company hosted at the core, works as a crossroad of projects and activities generating an artistic path for a productive process geared towards collective thinking and thus, geared towards contemporary cultural production.

The production has always been constrained by the lack of an identifiable place beyond the creation itself. The shared projects with DAF all share the common goal to represent the artistic message in permanent dialogue with the territory, while fostering the young involvement through workshops, and laboratories (in collaboration with renewed Institutions like Romaeuropa), open rehearsals, and numerous projects hosting guest artists from the international dance scene. Through international networking, the Company has established itself as a reference both home and abroad.

Associazione Culturale Spell Bound

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