Since 2013, the Company gave body to a new young project aiming to give space and incubation to the best talents amongst the trainees at the 3-year training project of DAF in Rome. The creation of a team of young people gave the chance to the students to have a professional career after having graduated (four of them have already been hired in the Company and others in consolidated European realities), but above all the experience on stage has become a reality for young dancers that can enjoy the valuable moments of enhancement to acquire the necessary experience to become professional. The creative aspect derives from the collaboration of different authorial hands (Beatrice Bodini, Alessandra Chirulli, Marianna Ombrosi) that under the direction of Astolfi, can express their own compositional creativity. The strong experience of Spellbound in the productive field can and must be the ground for the incubation both for new dancers and new authorial brands allowing to canalise the input assimilated in these years of work as performers in the main Company changing them into creative compositions. 

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