Dancing Partners Re(In)volve
The Dancing Partners is back and Spellbound is involved together with Thomas Noone Dance (Spain), Company Chameleon (England) and Norrdans (Sweden) in a project that from 2013 interweaves the activities of the four teams in projects to promote contemporary dance on a European scale. From 2018 the artists involved will start a new series of residencies in Europe to work on co-creation practices to be presented during the  upcoming events. In addition to repertoire works, there will also be creations given by the mixture of the four teams and the creative influence of their mutual cultural identities. In DP projects there is also a strong need to go out to the public and plan outdoor activities to free the creation of itinerant choreographic projects from the limit of the theatrical space and dress them up in natural environments. 
The first co-creation work  made  in June 2018 in Sweden will be resumed and developed in Spain in September during the La Merce Festival in Barcelona from 21st to 24th at Parco de la Ciutadela.

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