25 years of Spellbound at Teatro Vascello


Teatro Vascello (Roma)

9 e 10 Novembre, ore 21.00


Company Chameleon/ Inghilterra

Frantics Dance Company/ Germania

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet/ Italia

Thomas Noone Dance/Spagna





Teatro Vascello (Rome)

11 e 12 Novembre, ore 21.00

13 Novembre, ore 19.00

14 Novembre, ore 17.00


Coreografie Mauro Astolfi, Marco Goecke, Marcos Morau



“Spellbound 25” is the production project that celebrates the 25th anniversary of Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, a birthday marked in 2020 but whose celebrations in the capital, the company’s home, have been postponed to 2021 due to the suspension dictated by the pandemic. The week of events aims to encapsulate the deepest sense of the path that the Roman ensemble has traced in this quarter of a century of artistic and productive life and includes a double programme exclusively for the Teatro Vascello.


On the 9th and the 10th of November, the new 2021 chapter of “Dancing Partners” will feature a renewed team that includes, in addition to Spellbound, Thomas Noone Dance, Company Chameleon and Frantics Dance Company. Dancing Partners is based on the principle of collaboration and co-promotion between European artists and structures, and in the year of its twenty-fifth anniversary it is significant to take up this initiative again to reinforce not only the principle of past collaborations, but also the grafting of a future increasingly hybridised by influences and relationships on a European scale. On the following evenings, from the 11th to the 14th, a second different programme by Astolfi-Morau-Goecke is on stage, which has sealed, from a strictly productive point of view, the symbolic creation of this anniversary, a Spellbound production realised with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Lazio Region/Department for Culture, Youth Policies in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Rome and a co-production with MilanOltre and the German Cult!ur Partner.


Three different authors Mauro Astolfi, Marco Goecke and Marcos Morau, but united by a dense and precise, recognisable and often extraordinary dance, sign the four creations that make up this programme:  two choral projects, the dreamlike “Marte” by Morau and the imaginative “Wonder Bazaar” by Astolfi, built on the entire ensemble of nine performers, and two solo projects, the acclaimed “Affi” by Goecke entrusted to the technique of Mario Laterza and the new “Unknown Woman” by Astolfi dedicated to an extraordinary performer, Maria Cossu, who in the year of the 25th anniversary, celebrates twenty seasons with Spellbound.


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