Spellbound in tour in Spain in June

In June, after an intense spring tour, the company returns to European trajectories, starting in Spain where Spellbound Contemporary Ballet is engaged from 8 to 10 June at Madrid en Danza Festival first and Cadiz en Danza next. A mixed programme will be presented in the capital, under the title of “The Real you”, a creation by Mauro Astolfi, which closes the evening, while in Cadiz the latest project by the company’s artistic director and resident choreographer, “L’arte della fuga”, is on stage.

The real you/Mauro Astolfi
Teatro del Bosque 
Madrid en Danza Festival

The real you is the construction of a space in which one can find an essential value, an immortal ideal reality.  What can we put ahead of everything in our life to find out what we are or what we are not? Is it established that we exist as a scientific outcome universally accepted or maybe we can find an identity beyond the model constructed by those who have already planned our life? We work hard to find our own order and our favourite conflict. (Mauro Astolfi).

Art of Fugue/Mauro Astolfi

Gran Teatro Falla
Cádiz en Danza 
The Art of Fugue is one of the most emblematic and enigmatic works of Johann Sebastian Bach. “The fugue may mask the full accomplishment of a desire or perhaps the only way possible to escape from a world that embarasses me. My fugue in fact is an antifugue, it gives a prospective. It is my need to look at life from a different viewpoint. It is important to escape now and again, it helps me to light up some dark “area”, but it is not necessary in order to put something aside or forget…. the sensation of what I am in fact will stay in my mind forever, even when the flight is over”.  (Mauro Astolfi).

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